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Allen (Petty) Brook Stormwater & Watershed Assessment

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Storm Water, Stormwater, Water Quality
This stormwater and watershed assessment took place from July 2022 to June 2023 to study Allen Brook watershed’s current water quality conditions within the Town of Milton and to investigate where stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) can be prioritized to manage runoff from developed lands within the watershed. Representatives of Watershed Consulting met with representatives from the VT DEC, CCRPC, and the Town of Milton to discuss the timeline and goals of this assessment in July 2022. From discussion with key stakeholders, it is known that over the past fifteen years, numerous water quality, fluvial erosion, and biological community assessments have been conducted in this watershed to assess the health of Allen Brook. From these assessments, it is known that Allen Brook is at risk of impairment when measured by its chemical and biological health. This study builds off of a variety of previous assessments in order to understand the source of pollutants, such as nutrients, chloride, and sediment, that have contributed to the impairment of Allen Brook. This assessment successfully used these findings to target stormwater BMPs in key areas of concern that will effectively treat stormwater runoff before it discharges to Allen Brook and ultimately Malletts Bay.
Watershed Consulting Associates