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Bolger Hill Road, Jericho: Drainage Alternatives Study

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Storm Water, Stormwater
In accordance with the agreement between the Town of Jericho, the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC), and Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc., this Scoping Study - Technical Memo (Study) has been prepared to investigate four (4) alternatives for roadway drainage and erosion solutions for Bolger Hill Road within the existing roadway ROW and Town parcels. As this is a technical study, no public meeting was held, however the following general purpose and need statements has been developed based on our meeting with Town and CCRPC Staff. Purpose: The purpose for this Study is to provide roadway and drainage alternatives to reduce the erosion that is currently occurring along Bolger Hill Road and to reduce the sediment accumulation at its intersection with Jericho Center Circle. Need: The need for the project is to reduce the gravel, which comes from Bolger Hill Road, that gets washed into the Town Green and abutters properties after large storm events. The Town would like to improve the water quality in this area through the construction of Best Management Practices (BMPs) within this project.
Hoyle - Tanner & Associates