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U.S. Route 7 ~ An Economic Lifeline – U.S. 7 Transportation Management Study – East Dorset to South Burlington

20.7 MB
Corridor, Transportation, Western Corridor
The U.S. 7 Transportation Management Study is intended to evaluate overall statewide policy planning, town/regional planning processes, and specific project development efforts by the VAOT. By studying the 90 mile highway segment of U.S. 7 from East Dorset to South Burlington, the state and regional needs to support Environment, Social and Economic (ESE) goals and objectives are considered in the broadest possible context. U.S. 7 has been nominated for placement on the National Highway System (NHS) by the State of Vermont and is a facility which bears primary responsibility for handling interstate and regional traffic. Issues associated with operations and safety are considered in the same context with the impacts on ESE factors.
Financial Consulting Associates (EFCA), Smart Associates, Wilbur Smith Associates
Charlotte, Shelburne, South Burlington