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ECOS Plan Review: Regional Plan Assessments

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Economic/Finance, Environment, Land Use
The Vermont Association of Planning and Development Agencies (VAPDA) requested this outside assessment of the 11 regional plans. This project is a continuation of VAPDA’s efforts to evaluate and improve upon the effectiveness of regional planning initiated by the 2010 Challenges for Change. In 2011, VAPDA hired the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) to conduct a statewide strategic assessment to evaluate the capacity and potential of the RPCs to serve as a resource for state government and their communities. One of the findings of the NADO report identified a need to “establish a higher level of consistency and performance across the entire statewide network of RPCs.”  This assessment is intended to examine the consistency, completeness and effectiveness of the regional plans in regard to meeting statutory requirements, implementing the state’s planning goals, and fulfilling their prescribed roles.