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Exit 17 Growth Center Transportation Study

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Technical Assistance, Traffic, Transportation
The purpose of this study is to identify transportation system improvements for the Exit 17 Growth Center in Colchester, VT assuming that a wastewater system is implemented that allows the area to reach its development potential as envisioned by the Town. This study describes the characteristics of the existing transportation system in the Exit 17 Growth Center and evaluates its performance relative to congestion, safety, access management, and bicycle and pedestrian access. Traffic projections are developed for a twenty-year planning horizon that account for regional background growth, trips generated for two land use scenarios, and the effect of the proposed Circumferential Highway and a new I-89 exit at West Milton Road. Several highway and intersection design alternatives are developed to accommodate the twenty-year traffic forecasts, the alternatives are evaluated and recommended, and a phasing plan is presented.
Resource Systems Group Inc.