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Jericho: Bolger Hill Road Supplemental Study, May 2021

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Storm Water, Technical Assistance
The scope of the Bolger Hill Drainage Scoping project was to provide engineering services for the advancement to conceptual design (25%) of the Alternative #4 Design presented in the January 2020 Bolger Hill Road Drainage Alternatives Study. This project builds on that previous study that investigated drainage issues and evaluated improvement options for Bolger Hill Road in Jericho. A survey was conducted, and conceptual plans were drafted to more accurately develop a cost estimate for improvements to Bolger Hill Road. Further design aspects of the Bolger Hill Drainage Scoping project conceptual design are noted below. The Jericho Center Circle SW BMP Design project is not discussed further in this Design Narrative. The purpose of the project is to provide a roadway and drainage alternative that reduces the erosion that is currently occurring along Bolger Hill Road and to reduce the sediment accumulation at its intersection with Jericho Center Circle. The need for the project is to reduce the gravel, which comes from Bolger Hill Road, that gets washed into the Town Green and abutters properties after large storm events. The Town would also like to improve the water quality in this area.
Hoyle - Tanner & Associates