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Multi-Unit Dwelling Electric Vehicle Charging

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Electric Vehicles
Multi-unit dwelling (MUD) residents in apartments and condominiums often have more challenges in gaining access to home EV charging due to parking issues and cost. Renters in MUDs have additional barriers to long-term investments in charging infrastructure for shorter-term housing. Approximately 36% of Chittenden County housing units are in MUD communities and of those 86% are rental units, so overcoming these barriers is critical to meeting energy and equity goals.  VEIC worked with CCRPC and Drive Electric Vermont stakeholders to develop a survey to gauge MUD property owners’ interest in EV charging infrastructure and better what resources and assistance may be most helpful in supporting them. This report concludes with several recommendations for resources, outreach and education to address barriers and empower MUD owners and residents to move forward with EV infrastructure plans.
Chittenden County, State