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North Winooski Avenue & Archibald Street Intersection: Pedestrian Safety & Mobility Evaluation

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Bicycle & Pedestrian, Infrastructure, Intersection, Traffic, Transportation
For several years, the City of Burlington has desired to improve the pedestrian safety and mobility at this intersection. Historically, this intersection has had pedestrian improvements with the construction of Little Park which comprises the southwest corner of the intersection. The construction of the park not only provided an aesthetic element to this corner, it also removed the adjacent intersection of Bright Street and North Winooski Avenue. To further this pedestrian mobility and safety improvement effort, the City of Burlington had initiated some pedestrian signal improvements in the field; however, further design plans were not developed and the improvements were not constructed at that time. The City now desires to move this pedestrian improvement project forward by having an evaluation of pedestrian crossings, roadway alignment, and the signal system so that up-to-date cost information and options can be determined.
DuBois & King Inc.