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Colchester Inspection and Inventory of Existing Stormwater System

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capital planning, Stormwater
Hoyle, Tanner & Associates, Inc. completed stormwater structure and pipe condition assessments and recorded collected data in Town GIS format for future integration with the Town’s Asset Management Program. The overall stormwater infrastructure refurbishment need was identified and a Capital Budget Program for Stormwater Infrastructure was developed for future refinement by Town Staff to aid in future infrastructure planning efforts. Results of a Top Down pipe condition analysis - completed based on pipe material, typical service life and estimated installation year - broadly estimates $5.1M in stormwater infrastructure capital budget need. However, the results of the pipe segment Zoom Camera condition assessments indicate that approximately 75% of this $5.1M in stormwater infrastructure capital budget need had a “Pass” rating. This reveals that a significant amount of the stormwater infrastructure, although exceeding a typical service life, has some service life remaining. There were also Stormwater Pipe Segments that had an Emergency Rating indicating immediate work required. Many of these pipes were not in the $5.1M dollar Top Down evaluation.
Hoyle - Tanner & Associates