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Town of Milton Stormwater Master Plan

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Storm Water, Stormwater
In 2018 the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission (CCRPC) received grant funding from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources (VTANR) Clean Water Initiative Program to supplement funds from the Town of Milton to develop a Stormwater Master Plan (SWMP) for Milton. Fitzgerald Environmental Associates, LLC (FEA) was hired by the Town and CCRPC in the summer of 2018 to develop the plan. This final SWMP report for the Town of Milton represents significant efforts and collaborations over the last year between the Town, FEA, CCRPC, VTANR, and other partners, including private landowners and business owners, interested in mitigating stormwater and improving water quality. The goal of this project was to identify and prioritize stormwater improvement projects throughout the Town, with a focus on Town owned properties. Project prioritization followed the Unified Scoring Metrics recently developed by VTDEC (2018a). Conceptual design plans (30% design) were prepared for 15 high-priority projects. Additional phosphorus loading and removal estimates were completed to assist the Town with planning for future efforts to prepare the Phosporus Control Plan.
Fitzgerald Environmental Associates