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Town of Richmond Stormwater Master Plan

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Storm Water, Stormwater
The ultimate objective of this stormwater master planning project is to support the Town in improving stormwater management, by providing a list of high priority water resource concerns and conceptual solutions that support the development and implementation of future restoration projects in an efficient and targeted manner. This Stormwater Master Plan first incorporates information from existing plans and datasets to create a single, town-specific resource to guide future stormwater management activities. The resulting stormwater management planning information and resources are included in Section 2 of this report. This Stormwater Master Plan also:  Provides a means for comparing anticipated benefits of individual stormwater improvement projects;  Provides recommendations to address stormwater problems, including a prioritized list of problem areas that can assist the Town in directing resources to high priority projects; and  Presents conceptual solutions for stormwater management measures in select high priority problem areas.
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