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Westford Sidewalk Conceptual Alignment Study ~ Final Report

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Bicycle & Pedestrian, Transportation
This study is a joint effort of the Town of Westford, CCMPO, the Town Center Committee, and local residents to examine the feasibility and potential impacts associated with the construction of a new sidewalk along VT 128 in Westford village. The sidewalk would connect the library and the Red Brick Meeting House. This pedestrian connection would serve as appropriate infrastructure to support Goal #4 of the Town Plan, which encourages the Town Center Area to develop as the Town growth center. Furthermore, the sidewalk serves the Town Plan in its effort to make pedestrian access to the buildings surrounding the Town Common safer and easier. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a new sidewalk in Westford village and to provide the Town with the documentation necessary to pursue final design and construction funding through applicable federal, VTrans, and CCMPO funding sources. This study builds on 2004 and 2006 studies by T.J. Boyle and Associates.
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