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Winooski: Elm Street Stormwater Outfall Stabilization, Final Design

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Infrastructure, Storm Water, Stormwater
A stormwater outfall just southwest of Elm St drains into a ravine that flows into wetlands within the Winooski River floodplain. Flow from the outfall was dropping into a channel before draining into the ravine. The drop below the outfall is several feet, and, prior to retrofit, the channel surface was bare soil. As a result, flow from the outfall was eroding the channel, sending sediment into the ravine and the downstream wetlands. The goal of the project was to develop a final design to stabilize the channel with geotextiles and controlled fills and raise grades below the outfall to dissipate energy during flows. The project required building temporary access to the channel and associated temporary erosion control measures. The project will reduce erosion from the channel and reduce sedimentation of the downstream wetlands. NOTE: Using this design, the City then constructed this stabilization project in the fall of 2020 using a VTRANS Better Roads grant along with City funds.
Watershed Consulting Associates